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Caliban Nefris
Name Red
Fateful Incubi
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate July 24th
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 5' 11"
Weight 156lbs
Eye Color Piercing Blue
Hair Color Fiery Red
Professional Information
Affiliation Eblan
Occupation Dancer
Assassin of Eblan
Team Exotic Delights
Partner Loko and Pohfec
Base of Operations Somewhere
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Family Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Education Long Heritage of Assassins
Taught by the Masters of the Veil
Status Active
Primary Job Dancer
Caliban Nefris is a name very few individuals are actually aware of, most people refer to him as Red or Nat depending upon where they're from and what they think fits him most. Caliban doesn't mind, names are unnessecary for an assassin - individuality should be shunned, and he shouldn't have any distracting thoughts in his head other than those pertaining to his marks. At least, that was what he was raised to believe, unfortunately, Caliban soon tired of being bossed around by people who he's never even seen and thus he did what few others would dare, he severed all ties with Eblan. Normally, anyone whom did so would dissapear shortly afterwards, but Caliban, possessing greater wit and merit than most other assassins managed to constantly elude them for many years.

However, even a man like Caliban could only prolong the ineviteable and after three and a half years, they finally caught up to him. But rather than to kill him like he had expected, they were impressed by his tenacity and ability and instead opted to take him back. This time however, they taught him more than they had done before - in an effort to make the most out of his significant potential. This was how Caliban came to fall under tutelage of the so-called Masters of the Veil; a group of extremely prolific assassins famed for their unique art of assassination. For they were named as such because they used the secret art of the Dancer to kill or manipulate their enemies - Caliban was forcibly taken in as their novice, set to become one of the future Masters of the Veil. Whether he liked it or not.

Having completed the initial portion of his training, Caliban currently serves as a dancer for hire, courtesan and assassin. Travelling over the world in the company of two other dancers in training, whos mission is both to further their own art, and to ensure that Caliban remains loyal to the cause of Eblan; essentially serving as his wardens. They've been given strict orders to incapacitate him and bring him to the closest Eblanite Enclave for disciplining should he ever make them suspicious of his motives.









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