Name Dancer
Job Classification Exotic
Weapon Proficiency Daggers
Armor Proficiency None
Magic Weaving
Special Abilities Allure


Eblan is feared for its Assassins, and rightfully so, few live long against the relentless pursuit of the Ninja, or that of their other assassins; but what most are unaware of, is that the true might of Eblan lies not concealed in shadows, but moves in the open wearing flawless garments of the finest Damcyan silk. These are the Dancers, and they are considered the elite of Eblan - for they are the only ones whom can, without effort enter the most intimate of a targets chambers, in the most disarming way imaginable - being invited.

At least, that is what people whom inquire about them are told, the truth is however much more sinister. For these men and women aren't merely elegant thieves, rogues or backstabbers, no - they are in fact composed primarily of a select coven of Warlocks and Witches, whom have refined their own art of magic over centuries of consorting with fiends - learning their darkest arts and disguising the complicated rituals as intricate dances, these extremely long-winded spells must be performed with absolute precision, lest they fail and this has ensured that the coven has developed means to keep the audience enthralled long enough for these mighty spells to take effect.

Dancers have trained their body to utmost perfection, while this would generally be assumed to be for the sake of their craft as dancers, this is not the case - a Dancer trains to achieve perfect bodies, the likes of which could ignite a pyre in even the most frozen of hearts. But they don't forget that they're assassins, trained killers awaiting a time to strike, and their bodies are noted to be extremely agile and dextrous another neccessity to perform the extremely hard manuevers and movements nessecary to complete their advanced somatic rituals. Because of these trained bodies, Dancers are typically capable of bending at odd angles and are otherwise noted to be extremely flexible combatants, slithering past blade and sorcery to strike at their foe with ease.

While very rarely confronted in direct combat, Dancers are every bit as dangerous as most others Assassins from Eblan and are ferocious combatants, combining graceful agility and incredible dexterity together with flawless use of daggers, blades or poison. But even with their facade revealed, dancers may still using their secret magic to ensnare and disorient foes - usually blending in dancing steps with their martial assault for a two-pronged attack of great efficiency - they're slithery foes to be sure, just like anything that has Eblan's Sigil branded onto it.