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The Eight Chronomancers of the Dawn were the first acolytes of the Grand Time Master Aibhlinn Dawnsparrow. Trained and raised under her Laws and Order, they call Persildence and the halls of the Dawnsparrow College of Chrono Arts home. Being the first under her wing, Aibhlinn trained these eight individuals more strictly: offerring them an elite skill set in return for their loyalty to one goal: To enforce the laws of space and time.

The Eight Chronomancers are a generational elite Time Mage squad, after reaching their prime and obtaining mastery over their skills, they will take on a student under their own wing, training them in the same path they were taught, but also for the same goal, under the same strictness: The Eight would forever stand, to perserve time's eternal cycle, and to stop those that would attempt to destroy the natural way of things.


There are to be eight members of the elite Chronomancers of the Dawn, and only ever eight. Trained to be figures of power. The Eight are described as the Time Mages with the most potential in their magical field.

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Undergoing intense training, the Eight Chronomancers face extreme circumstances and harsh sessions under the tutelege of Aibhlinn. A large amount of respect is forged into the minds of the Eight, to honor their master and to respect the cycle of things: to abstain from chaos and enforce order onto the timestream. Strictly limited to training under Aibhlinn Dawnsparrow; they recieve specific training directly from her, and as such: are a class ahead of the rest of Mages their peer.

Each Chronomancer is known for a particular speciality in a chosen spell in the Time Magic field, using it to their advantage, mastering it, and using it to turn the tide in their favor. The first and second tier spells are the ones to be mastered; expertising in incantations such as: Vanish, Stop, Float, and etc. Using their powers to their advantage.

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