Emporio Divisions
National phalanx by kacen-d49rf6j
is a company of mercenaries hired by the Mogul Council and the associated Trade Princes, a united force shared by all the Moguls in order to defend against all threats that might prove too strong for one of their own personal armies. When assets can not be used to take control, the Trade Princes take these united mercenaries, filled with the brightest, strongest, and deadliest of men and women on the planet with a hunger for good pay and use them to take care of all threats that arise.

Not just a muddled group of rag-tag mercs, the company is paid handsomely so that they do not fail. Trained under strict schedules, influenced and taught to know everything about the territories of Damcyan and the controllers there in, the Emporio Divisions may appear messy and unorganized on the outside, but due to their vast numbers, guerilla tactics, and special operations training: they can easily take care of any challenge.

The divisions are seperated into several catagories, the company divying out control to each squadron leader and their comrades, that way no group feels they are under the command of a single tyrant or general, and they are free to do as they may according to the beliefs and structure of the division they are under. This tactic was created by the Trade Princes to ensure loyalty, high morale, and promote activity that would keep them unified, yet free.

The divisions do not turn away any hand, transforming the best of the gangs, and outsiders that wish to join their ranks into the best they can be, giving the highest performing out of each division the rank of Caliph, captains of their groups, however big or small that specializes in certain tasks.



Caliph > Commander > Lieutenant > Emporio Guard > Emporioan


Personal Guard, KiyntEdit

Recovery Team, NalujanEdit

Shock Troopers, AmaldnuEdit

Riot Control, CridtuftEdit

Brute Squad, AmedaEdit

Tactical Ops, AcylbaEdit


The total size of the Emporio Divisions numbers, in summary: 13,000-20,000.