Monks tend to employ a variety of spirtiual and often supernatural fighting moves in addition to their knowledge of unarmed combat. These are passed down to new Monks, and they train with them for the remainder of their lives.

Name Description

The Monks of Fabul are warriors of honor and dedication, spiritual warriors with a repertoire of skills, they created the Cyclone technique in order to defend themselves at close range from projectiles or multi-pronged attacks.

The Monk begins to push and pull at his own aura, causing it to spin around his body at great speeds in a colorless current, this is visible as distortions in the air around the Monk himself. The Monk then spins around on a foot and rotates in a circle at great speeds in the opposite direction of the way their aura is spinning. This combination of rapidly opposing currents and conflict, between the Aura and the Monks' Mana causes a column of whirling air currents to instantly take shape around the Monk, quickly transforming into a powerful twister which repels all physical attackers and throws them away, while also swatting away any non-magical projectile thrown their way.

Wave Fist

The Wave Fist is one of the simplest secrets handed down by the Monks of Fabul; its composed of a combination between a powerful punch and precise control over the monks own Aura. The Monk focuses a significant part of their Aura and mana into their fist, wrapping it around it in a loose manner - akin to a shell of invisible force. The Monk then draws their hand back and punches the air with as much force as they can muster, releasing their aura at the very last moment.

The shell of raw concussive force is then fired much like an invisible bullet, discernible only as faint heat-like distortions in the air where it makes a path. Its strength is originally comparable to the original punch but as it travels further it gains more and more power and momentum at the drawback of becoming more unstable and prone to bursting prematurely. Upon a direct hit, the force of the blow is unleashed in full force, and if used by sufficiently skilled monk it can easily be fatal to the unaware opponent.

Air Render

The more gruesome sibling to the popular Wave Fist, the Air Render functions in much the same manner but is considered to be far more versatile in that it doesn't specifically need a fist or a punch to work, but can instead work with all of the monks limbs, such as legs and arms. The Air Render is employed by having the monk tighten their own Aura around the intended limb and then infuse it with a sufficient portion of their mana - the amount depending on the intended power of the technique

The monk then sharpens their own aura into an edge before they make an abrupt movement with the affected limb, it needs to be executed at at least marginally high speed or its effects will be dullen. When used correctly however, an arc of razor-sharp air is unleashed in the wake of the attack, the cutting force of the technique itself directly proportionate to how much mana the monk used to temper their aura into the desired sharpness. When performed successfully, the Air Render is said to be intense enough to kill a man with ease.


The Shockwave, or as its more commonly reffered to as the Earth Render is a combination of the Air Render and the Wave Fist merged into a single technique, it incorporates the sharpness of the Air Render while also incorporating the blast properties of the Wave Fist to create a mighty torrent of raw force.

The Shockwave is generated by first applying the principles of the Air Render to sharpen the Monks arms and hands; covering them in a thin membrane of revolving energy. The Monk then focuses their Aura between their hands to create a sphere, disengaged from the main body - this sphere is a manually crafted shell of raw concussive force much similiar to the Wave Fist, but its much more potent. Once these steps are completed, the monk releases his grip on the aura that permeates his hands and arms, letting the properties being absorbed in to the sphere between their hands, it absorbing it like a black hole. Only once this part is complete is the monk supposed to unleash the powers generated within the sphere infront of them.

This creates a massive blast of high-pressure air which is tempered by innumerable miniature blades of wind owing to the combination of the Air Render and the sphere earlier - the massive gale of air generated and the blades of wind that fly through the air is enough to make this one of the most lethal techniques in the arsenal of an experienced monk. Unlike the techniques its based off of the Earth Render does not merely target a single enemy, but instead strikes all within the scope of a large cone-like area directly infront of the monk, needless to say it doesn't differentiate between friend and foe.