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Murrough Conlaoch
Name Murrough Conlaoch
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate 25th June
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 197cm
Weight 76kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Orange
Professional Information
Affiliation Kingdom of Fabul
Occupation Bodyguard of Gerraent Kavanagh
Team Himself and Gerraent
Partner Gerraent Kavanagh
Personal Information
Marital Status Casual Relationship with Gerraent Kavanagh
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Family Unnamed
Education Unnamed School of Monks
Status Active
Primary Job Monk

Murrough Conlaoch is a young man who hails from Fabul, and in particular is a Monk-In-Training within a specific school devoted to the teachings of the Monk. He is noted for his particularly lazy and uncaring attitude due to his rather high amount of talent. As such, he commonly slacks off in classes and sometimes misses them entirely! To compensate for this, the teachers of the said institution instructed Murrough to go and accompany Gerraent Kavanagh on his journey, believing that practical experience would be the catalyst for Murrough's desire to refine his talent.







Behind the ScenesEdit

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