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About Us
Final Fantasy Roleplay was founded by User:Njalm2 at the 4th of June, 2012. The wiki is primarily one related to roleplaying but we also encourages others to create their own stories. FFR (Final Fantasy Roleplay) - Because of the immense scope of the Final Fantasy-verse, the founder decided that it would be much better to create an entirely new spin-off universe based upon the world introduced in Fantasy X: however, we only take the spiritual aspects, the underlying lore and storyline, and locations found in that story. In addition to this, we also adopt certain aspects of the Fantasy IV universe, primarily in regards to its nations.

While knowledge of Final Fantasy is a boon, the fanons unique setting makes it so that even those whom have never heard or played any Final Fantasy title before should be capable of fitting in quite well. The Admins and the userbase strive to continue to expand upon this new universe that this wiki employs, making it even more interesting and innovative as people contribute to it.

Character Creation
Getting Involved

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