Name Ninja
Job Classification Exotic
Weapon Proficiency Bladed Weapons
Hidden Weaponry
Armor Proficiency Light-Medium(Varies upon mission)
Magic Veils
Special Abilities Throw
Dual Wield


Ninja, otherwise renowned simply as Assassins among the populace, are those individuals who hail from Eblan as the most infamous of the assassins who are produced within its boundaries. They pursue a target without any remorse, and kill in cold blood with such efficiency that one would stop to think if the target was still alive! Within the darkness of the world Ninja traverse, utterly destroying their enemy with not even a trace of their existence remaining after the task has been completed.

The foremost way of the Ninja is to stay undercover. To not expose themselves whether they be in the light of day or the darkness of the night, Ninja have always found way to conceal themselves. Whether it be through adoption of another guise, or their unique illusory capabilities, Ninja are virtually impossible to detect by the ordinary man. It is because of this that they are the first to be sent out for any assassination, simply because they have the highest chance to complete it with utter secrecy.

However; the Ninja are very misunderstood, for they aren't simply assassins that rely on their physical bodies to destroy their targets. In order to get closer to their target, Ninja have been specifically trained in an unorthodox form of Aether manipulation, producing specific elemental effects through the use of hand seals, allowing for instantaneous barrages of magic from varying distances that are otherwise known by the name of Ninjutsu.

Though perhaps compared to the Thief Class, there is a significant difference between the two. For the Ninja is capable of wielding a plethora of weapons to fit the situation, and is even fully capable of throwing projectiles at their enemy, with such force that many compare them to professional Archers. Without the harsh training of the body and the mind, one cannot be a Ninja, as it has been for the eons that have passed.

Becoming a NinjaEdit