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Nuallan Plainwalker
Name Nuallan Patraicc
General Information
Race Al Abassi(Pureblood, Plainwalker)
Birthdate 24th May
Age 14
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 49kg
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Professional Information
Affiliation Plainwalker Tribe
Team Plainwalker Tribe
Partner None
Base of Operations Fabul(Forest of Life and Death)
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment Lawful Good
Family Unnamed Parents(Pureblood)
Education Plainwalker Tribe
Status Active
Primary Job Green Mage

Nuallan Plainwalker is a young Al Abassi who hails from the Plainwalker Tribe within the Forest of Life and Death on the outskirts of Mysidia, a nation flourished from studying and practicing the art of Magic. Nuallan isn't an entirely grown member of his tribe, and has only recently completed both the Rite of the Hunter and Rite of the Survivor, and is in training to undergo the Rite of the Spiritualist.

The youthful canine has shown several prospects of talent within the arts of the Green Mage. In particular; he shows strange mastery over the debilitation aspects of the said magic, employing spells such as Poison and Invis despite their difficulty. Thus, he has been supervised from the elder Green Mages of his clan in the arts of Green Magic and control over Aether, hoping to bring out the entirety of his potential.


A strange Al Abassi even amongst their standards, Nuallan's most distinct feature would be his completely white fur. No stain, no artificiality, but pure white. It is unexplained why or how this mutation occured, but many have thought it related to his innate magical talent. To contrast this significantly are his pair of gleaming red eyes, thought to be capable of illuminating even a pitch-black night with their glimmer. When striding past, one would immediately notice his neck-length head of hair, with two bangs that frame his face and are left hanging near his abdomen. Tucked beneath this are his two furry white ears that are known to be easily hidden within his hair, when he so wishes. Finally, his tail is quite average among canine species, being furry and not very long, but quite thick. 

His attire is quite distinct, and was apparently purchased by him from an unnamed salesman within Mysidia. It appears to consist of a bell-sleeved Kosode of a dark red color, with golden lining surrounding the collar. He wears a pair of rather baggy, dark brown pants that are only calf-length, and travels barefoot for his own comfort. 



Early ChildhoodEdit

Present TimeEdit


High Aether Capacity:

Green Magic Expert:

Magical Talent:

Enhanced Senses:

Enhanced Physical Abilities:

Heightened Martial Ability:

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Spell InformationEdit

A list of spells Nuallan has learn't, or is in the process of completely learning.

Spell Name Description Learning Process
Aero Aero is a common spell among Green Mages, and is noted to be one of the favoured spells alongside that of Gaia. Nuallan has shown great proficiency over this spell, employing it to the extent where he can call upon its effects without much consumption of mana. Complete
Aera Aerora is also a spell that Nuallan has completed learning. Strangely, despite being in the higher tier, Nuallan is capable of calling upon the necessary reserves to use the spell, but can only do so for a brief period of time before exhausting himself. As such, he normally employs Aero unless it is strictly necessary. Complete
Poison More Coming Soon 75%
Invis More Coming Soon 65%


  • Nuallan's first name means: Champion, and is derived from the name, Nolan.

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