Omnipotent is the true final last boss of FF infinity, the main antagonist of The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War (that game will come later), Omniarch and God, the creator of the omniverse.

Appearance: Omnipotent's physical form is a hybrid that has an angelic side on the right and a demonic side on the left, 999 yoctillionolyottaplexianth pairs of wings (the wings are like the ones in the final boss of FF12 (instead of the silver blades, they're replaced with black, jagged wings)), 999 yoctillionolyottaplexianth-headed, 999 yoctillionolyottaplexianth-winged Anacondaurs (FF8 (but with more details)), rainbow auras, 999 yoctillionolyottaplexianth yottaparsecs long spider legs, moose antlers, all of the espers glyphs (FF12), multiple lower bodies, the monstrous towers called the Statues of the Gods (but with super bosses, bosses and mini bosses combined with), all of the L'cie symbols, claws, arms, tentacles, rhino horns, all horns, ibex goat horns, ram horns, a body full of spikes, a spiky, flaming, electric, saw-like yoctuple-halos that are like an atom, tails, gigantic, vertical, horizontal, gaping maws over filled with wiggling, razor-sharp teeth and a swirling, electric, flaming, red eye in the middle (all of these details are on the front, back, and arms). The head is like the head of Ultimecia's final form, Angra Mainyu, Mesmarize, Mesmire, Elvoret, Elnoyle, Buel (all from FF8), Bizarro Sephiroth's head, Necron's head (FF9), Orphan's head, Orphan's staggered form (FFxiii), and Bhunivelze's head combined. The lower part and the upper part are like Bhunivelze's robes, Zeromus, all 4th forms of the creator (FF7), Zirconiade, Yu Yevon, both forms of Sin, all of the aeons (all from FF10), the Double Deity in Bhunivelze's 2nd form, Omega Weiss, Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon (both from FF8), Long Gui (Lightning Returns), Neo Exdeath, Exdeath Tree, the L'cie Arbiter (FF Type 0), Eden, X-ATM092 (both from FF8), Zeromus (robotic version), Vegnagun, all whyrms in FFxii, Alexander (FF7), Guildenstern (final boss of Vagrant Story), Sky Fortress Bahamut, Bizarro Sephiroth, Demon Wall, all of Exdeath's forms (Dissidia), Poseidon, hippocampus (God of War 3), a kraken (Clash of the Titans), Feolthanos Exultant (FFXII Revenant Wings), the Jegran Armor, 3 giant ships, Perfect Chaos (Sonic Adventures), Mighty danger bird (from Angry Birds Fanon Wiki), Safer Sephiroth and all of Ultimecia's forms in FF8 original mode and ex mode combined. The core in between the upper body and lower body is like the same maws in the entire body but it is combined with all forms of Chronodia (original FF series), Ozma (FF7), the Omnipotent God (Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan), Master Giant (SSB4), Jenova Synthesis, Everett (Gyromancer), Zero three (Zero three Kirby Google search), Master Core: Abis (Sonic Riders Zero Gravity), BGH251F2 (FF8) and Xehanort's Guardian in it's power up form combined. The wings, tentacles, all horns, the teeth in all maws, the hair, the rainbow auras, antlers, spider legs, arm muscles, upper body and lower body muscles and tails are 999 yoctillionolyottaplexianth times larger than the biggest bang (an explosion of the omega omnisphere). Omnipotent also has a cannon that is like the combination of all ships combined. In his last movie and video game of The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War, he is a massive, monsterous, and powerful hybrid of all video game bosses, mini bosses and superbosses from every video game from the 19's to the beginning of the first The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War.

Story Mythology

Since infinity years ago, Omnipotent created the final omniverse for ? of years. He had created an almost omnipotent demonic devil with infinite pairs of wings and horns (which is his son) by accident. Then a fight between the angels and the devils and Omnipotent won when the battle begins and absorbed him and become angelic and demonic, omnibenevolent and omnimalevolent.

FF infinity Omnipotent is first appeared when he flies up to the open, summoned from the water and fight with infinity heroes. He transformed as a humanoid form and created an infinity-ended scythe, when defeated, he become a serpent with 100 vast, feathered wings, (carry on 997 forms next) and he become his final form (physical form) and he lost his scythe. In the ending, Omnipotent is ready for his final attack by combining all of his powers and attacks into one. But the heroes reflected the attack and hits Omnipotent then he explodes into orange mist and causes the entire final omniverse filled with fire, but the fire is extinguished.

The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War Omnipotent first appears when he uses his shoulder jets and lands on the ground then sees KER-FISH INFINITIVE ABSOLUTE ZEROPOTENCES of heroes and villains and repeatedly KO'd the team leader and the team battles Omnipotent and created an infinity-ended scythe (which are also double-ended daggers in each blade, boomerangs, swords, a shield, a bow and arrow, and unattached rhino horns) and the true final last battle (100000th battle) begins when he summoned his own L'cie Arbiter, but it is defeated. Then it is Omnipotent's turn to fight, he transforms into a humanoid version of himself and he is defeated, then he transformed into a ghostlike version of himself (carry on 99997 forms) and he become his final form (physical form) and the real true final battle begins and the team fights for infinity yotta years (each yotta year is a septillion of years) and the team wins. Then Omnipotent explodes into a burst of orange mist, causing some of the members to die and the crowd (the rest of the team) think that they were dead, but they are still alive really far. Then Omnipotent said his final words "I will...never be a human." he turns into grey mist and disappears and the battle won.

Weapons Omnipotent wields an infinity-ended scythe with all the L'cie symbols and faces of them. His other weapon is a sword that is like Orphan from FFxiii. He has all the arsenals that exists and not existing.

Voice:his voice sounds like all the peoples and themes in all the final omniverses combined, it also echoes and it is too loud that all the final omniverses can hear his voice everywhere even if someone doesn't hear his voice.


"Your flesh shall be turned into stone. Remade. Broken. Remolded. Cracked." As he hits the team's leader.

"You think you can slay Omnipotent?" As the team are going to prepare for the fight.

"Greatest and almightiest demonic L'cie symbols from the black, burning skies, come forth to us. Wise and powerful angelic L'cie symbols from the white heavens, come forth to us." As he creates his scythe.

"We do not know. Your spirits are invisible to us." Omnipotent answers the question about what did he done to the leader's spirit.

"Our name is Omnipotent." As he introduces himself.


Note: If you don't know where are the details are from, search for them on Google. All of the details that you did not found are not gibberish, they are made up.


  • Omnipotent means unlimited power and omniarch means ruler of all things.
  • Omnipotent's gender is a male/female/genderless god/goddess that has all versions of him to create all the final omniverses.
  • Zero is not just nothing, zero is infinite and the highest level is absolute zero.

Omnipotent's L'cie Arbiter

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