Omnipotent is the true final last battle in FF infinity. The fight takes 9000 hours for him to be defeated. All of his attacks are 1 hit KO.

Statistics from FF infinity and The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War

All forms:

| HP = ?

| Defense = ?

| Speed = ?

| Dexterity = ?

| MP = ?

| CP = ?

| Vitality = ?

| Level = ?

| Mag. Def. = ?

| Mag. Pwr. = ?

| Atk. Pwr. = ?

| Mag. Res. = ?

| Evade = negative ?

|Exp = ?

|Gil/dollar bills, dollar coins and dollar bars (which are gold bars) = ?

| LP = ?

Elemental Affinities

| Breaksight = absorb

| Undead = absorb

| Sight unseeing = absorb

| Warp = absorb

| Water = absorb

| Lightning = absorb

| Syphon = absorb

| Numerology = absorb

| Charm = absorb

| Achilles = absorb

| Wither = absorb

| Addle = absorb

| Card = absorb

| Wind = absorb

| Fire = absorb

| Earth = absorb

| Dark = absorb

| Light = absorb

| Ice = absorb

| Poach = absorb

| Holy = absorb

| Stone = absorb

| Orb = absorb

| Tech = absorb

| Magic = absorb

| Life = absorb

| Metal = absorb

| Berserk = absorb

| Petrify = absorb

| Instant Death = absorb

| Stop = absorb

| Doom = absorb

| Poison = absorb

| Sleep = absorb

| Reverse = absorb

| Confuse = absorb

| Haste = absorb

| Blind = absorb

| Slow = absorb

| Shell = absorb

| Protect = absorb

| Lure = absorb

| Silence = absorb

| Disease = absorb

| Oil = absorb

| Disable = absorb

| Immobilize = absorb

| Sap = absorb

Immune to: all

Steal: all

Techniques: all

Abilities: all

Musical Themes The Real True Last Final Battle for Freedom: The final battle theme. The time of the theme song is 9000 hours. Each song is in 30 minutes. All songs contains all versions from all music videos of these songs from all video websites. All His World songs have 2 words changed to "gonna act."


(Playing KEFKAROTH AWAKENS!!!One Wing Angel And Dancing Mad FUSED PERFECTLY!!! (with all movements of Dancing Mad and One Winged Angel with all remixes, remastered songs, all versions, ascents, Distant Worlds all serieses, Final Fantasy Serieses, bits, midis and all Dancing Mad and One Winged Angel music videos from all video websites combined into one played at the same time (first, Dancing Mad movements 1, 2, Heaven Saved Point and 3))

(Playing One Winged Angel)

(Playing The a Battle For Freedom)

(Playing Vermilion Fire)

(Playing Neo Exdeath theme)

(Playing Power Rangers Dino Charge opening instrumental)

(Playing Open Your Heart)

(Playing Sweet Victory)

(Playing The Core (from Sonic Riders Zero Gravity))

(playing Endless Possibilities)

(Playing Ressha Sentai Toqgers intro)

(Playing Born Anew (From FF xii))

(Playing Grand Cross from ff9)

(Playing The Extreme with all versions, remixes, remastered songs, bits, midis, orchestras, bands and music videos combined and fused perfectly at once and separate)

(Playing Rise of the White Raven)

(Playing We got the beat)

(Playing Solaris phase 2, all of the music videos of the song from all video websites, from all combined to separate)

(Playing Divine Love from FF Lightning Returns)

(Playing Almighty Bhunivelze)

(Playing Sorairo Days, all of the music videos of this song from all video websites, from combined at once to separate)

(Playing Power Rangers Samurai video game Deker battle theme)

(Playing Vs. Final Ansem from Kingdom Hearts)

(Playing You Can't Win This Fight)

(Playing I Am...All Of Me (with all music videos of it from all video websites combined and separate))

(Playing Ucambulas from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite)

(Playing The Greatest Jubilee, all music videos of the song from all video websites, from combined to separate)

(Playing Ghostbusters Xbox 360 fight loops 2, 10, 11 and 20 separately, then separately playing Ghostbusters Black Slime T Rex battle theme phase 1 then 2)

(Playing Fishing Net Rescue music from Finding Nemo the video game)

(Playing Live And Learn remix)

(Playing Kirby Mass Attack Final Boss theme)

(Playing C-R-O-W-N-E-D from Kirby Returns From Dreamland)

(Playing Dark Bowser Final Boss theme with all music videos of it from all video websites combined and separate)

(Playing Saving the Planet from Spore Hero, then playing Final Battle theme)

(Playing You May Call Me Father from Bayonetta)

(Playing Ultra One from Super Robot Wars)

(Playing Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2, Solaris Phase 2 and Perfect Dark Gaia, all of these songs from all music videos from all video websites, from combined to separate)

(Playing Same Old War from Our Last Night)

(Playing United We Stand, Divided We Fall)

(Playing The Battle That Can't Be Won (a similar song that is like the song from I Wanna Be The Boshy-Biollante Boss Battle, but the name is different))

(Playing Ultimate Power from Epic Score)

(Playing Megalith Agnus Dei)

(Playing To Glory)

(Playing Okkusenman)

(Playing Happily Ever After from TTGL)

(Playing The Fury Of The Storm)

(Playing Nascent Requiem)

(Playing Rushing Beat Shura Boss Theme)

(Playing Zeromus battle theme)

(Playing Servant Of The Crystal)

(Playing Mushihimesama final boss theme)

(Playing FFMQ final boss theme)

(Playing all Jam Project Songs)

(Playing most of the Dragonforce songs)

(Playing Super Ability Boss Version)

(Playing Sun Vulcan Theme)

(Playing Gokaiger theme)

(Playing Another Dimension)

(Playing Galacta Knight battle theme)

(Playing Seven Rings In Hand)

(Playing Wither Storm theme)

(Playing Chaoz Airflow)

(Playing all trainer Red battle themes)

(Playing Spiritual Larsa battle theme)

(Playing Is It Okay Just To Get Fired Up?)

(Playing Otherworld from FF10)

(Playing Big Arms battle theme)

(Playing Augus battle theme from Asura's Wrath)

(Playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 final boss theme)

(Playing Super Mario Galaxy final boss theme)

(Playing all IWBTBG final boss themes)

(Playing The Gods' Military Forces)

(Playing Flowey boss theme)

(Playing Infinite Being)

(Playing Fly Me To The Moon nonstop infinity climax mix Nightcore)

(Playing Let's Start The Climax)

(Playing Minna De Carnival from Kyoryuger vs. Go-buster (played when Omnipotent is defeated))

(Playing What Becomes Of Us with the same lyrics from Final Fantasy Type-0 (plays when Omnipotent explodes))

(Playing megalovania)

(Playing danzai no Hana)

(Playing Overlord opening)

(Playing bonetrousle remix by gamechop)

(Playing xyz opening)

(Playing shippuden theme)

(Playing he who brings the night)

(Playing immortal by Thomas Bergersen)

(Playing We are xros heart x7)

(Playing seething power from xros wars)

(Playing bark onslaught)

(Playing guren no yumiya)

(Playing both Asgore's themes)

(Playing heartache from undertale)

(Playing your best nightmare)

(Playing the battle against the true hero)

(Playing Genos theme)

(Playing accel world)

(Playing boros theme, the ruler)

(Playing heavy violence)

(Playing Save The World)

(Playing never look back from ff8)

(Playing the power of neo)

(Playing mettaton ex theme)

(Playing border of life)

(Playing Rez boss theme from all gex games)

(Playing croc: legend of the gobbos final boss theme phase 2 and 3)

(Playing disbelief)

(Playing pac and roll final boss theme and ufo theme)

(Playing super Mario galaxy 1 and 2 all of bowser's boss themes)

(Playing hopes and dreams)

(Playing most of the songs that are made by Bart Stoop)

(Playing IWBTG final boss both phases)

(Playing The Vengeance Of Humongous which lasts until Omnipotent's new form is defeated)

(Playing The Final Countdown)

(Playing Zenius-I-Vanisher)

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