Name Paladin
Job Classification Exotic
Weapon Proficiency Staff of Yevon
Armor Proficiency Robes of Yevon
Magic White Magic
Special Abilities Invoke Fayth
There are many things in the world of Spira which lies beyond the understanding of mere mortals, one of these are the Fayth - eternal dreamers locked away in parapets of stone: their dreams manifesting on the material plane in the form of mighty creatures called Aeons. While most are aware of the priests that maintain and defend the many Temples of Yevon scattered throughout Spira - fewer know that the Fayth themselves chose one of the neophytes of these very Temples to serve as their personal avatar. This chosen one is the Paladin - respected and adored for appearantly being chosen by Yevon, and destined for greatness. Paladins are handpicked by the Fayth of their Temple among all of its clergy and priests to serve as the sleepers eyes and ears outside, serving as a connection between the real world and the dream world in which the Fayth exists. Once chosen, the Paladin has no choice in the matter and will be bound to the Fayth no matter how much she may struggle - once bound, the Paladin receives great power for their often unwilling sacrifice. However, while most are unwilling to bond with the Fayth, there are those whom maintain such unwavering discipline in the teachings of Yevon as to submit to their Fayth without resistance. Even so, this meekness is one which in most cases prevents them from attracting the attention of the Fayth in the first place, as such a subservient connection would be of no use to the Fayth, or its dream..

Their connection to the Fayth, and its world of dreams enables Paladins to perform feats of incredible ability, much beyond that of other humans, as they - with the bonding between them and the slumbering spirit are transformed into something not quite human. Indeed, Scholars believe that upon this process, they've been made into something resembling a demi-aeon; a being visually indistinquishable from an ordinary human, but whose intimate ties to their Fayth have empowered them greatly. The Paladin is empowered with superhuman stamina, strength, speed and resilence and magical attacks meant to harm or heal their soul are greatly diminished in their effects, with the dreams of the Fayth seeping into them through their connection, and empowering their virtue, spirit and vessel.

Following the bonding, the Paladin is forever marked as what she is - as somewhere upon their body, the Glyph of the associated Temple appears, an impurity which cannot be removed through any known means, even should the Paladin sever the marked appendage, the Glyph will simply reappear sonewhere else on their body.