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Prince Avon Laoghaire
Bastard Prince
Illicit Blood
Dragon Killer of the Golden Eyes
Name Avon Laoghaire
Kanji 川子牛の守り
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate 7th December
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 76kg
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Black
Professional Information
Affiliation *Baron Kingdom of Baron
Occupation *Dragoon
Previous Occupation Student under General Aithne Nightmourn
Team * The Underworld Army
Previous Team *Dragoon Corps
Partner Skeletor

Skullosus Zombie Minoboar Ninja Dullahan Blue Kray Ghost

Previous Partner General Aithne Nightmourn
Ciar Athol
Base of Operations Baron
Personal Information
Marital Status Married
Alignment Lawful Neutral(Type I)
Family *King Guthrie Laoghaire(Step-Father)
Education *Dragoon Corps
Status Active
Primary Job Dragoon

Prince Avon Laoghaire, sometimes referred to as Avon Bloodraven, or by one of his numerous aliases, Bastard Prince, Illicit Blood or his most recent, Dragon Killer of the Golden Eyes; is an illicit child of the current Queen of Baron, Damara Bloodraven and an unnamed concubine. A member of the Dragoon Corps and former student under notorious General Aithne Nightmourn, Avon is a skilled Dragoon who has learnt his arts from the most skilled Baron has to offer. As a knight of Baron, Avon partners with Ciar Athol because of their complimenting skill-sets as a Dragoon and Dark Knight. Furthermore; Avon is an official member of the Dragoon Corps, having finished his apprenticeship under General Nightmourn only a year before.

Avon was a student under the Dragoon Corps for several years, having been born to "tainted blood" by pure coincidence, his mother, Damara Bloodraven, was ashamed at her doings, but, had recognized his potential and gave him to General Nightmourn. From here, he wasn't given any inkling of his true heritage, and for years he was kept under dark, training in the arts of the Dragoon while doing so. After the completion of his training, Avon successfully killed a Dragon at the age of 22, and was named an official Dragoon.

Retold his history by his mentor, Avon had returned to Baron, initially wishing for his status as Crown Prince to be given. However; he was far too late to occupy the position, as the powerful Aeron Bloodraven had already secured it through his political endeavors. Avon did confront his step-father regardless, and revealed his identity to him. However; the King didn't show much reaction, and to prove himself, Avon had entered the official army of Baron, climbing his way up the chain to get to the top.




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