Ramsey Ward
Name Ramsey Ward
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate October 12
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 179cm (5'9")
Eye Color Golden yellow
Hair Color Green
Professional Information
Affiliation His family
Previous Affiliation N/A
Occupation Peasant farmer (publicly)

Thief (Private)

Base of Operations His home in Fabul
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment Chaotic Good
Family Unnamed (as of yet) sibling
Education His parents.
Status Alive
Primary Job Thief


Besides his golden eyes and dark green hair first thing people notice about Ramsey is that, for a farmer, he is exceptionally pale-looking. A tight, forest green vest with a black band around the openings covers his chest, leaving his arms and midriff bare. He often wears long, olive green pants, the legs stuffed into his boots for added safety. Around his neck is tied a long grey scarf. On his belt is a knife that is rarely used when he goes out on his stealing sprees, carried for that one off chance something does happen, along with a pouch that holds all of his lock-picking implements.


Ramsey is a very soft-spoken, respectful young man. Humble to a fault, he’s always quick to point out the good in others before even accepting praise for anything. To him, hubris is the first step to a life of ruin, something he learned by watching nobles destroy kingdoms in exchange for more land, more influence, more control. To everyone he meets, he will treat them with the dignity and respect they are alloted in the caste system, and often more should they be worthy of such in his eyes. He only shows knights their due respect in order to keep his family safe from some form of retaliation.

Ramsey goes out of his way to avoid confrontation with anyone, preferring a more peaceable outcome to whatever altercations there were. That isn’t to say that he can’t be pushed into violence when the situation calls for it, or when someone comes upon his younger sibling with wicked intents. At that point, his respect and honor go right out the proverbial window. He loves to quickly and effectively decimate the offender.

Unlike most thieves who are out for their own self, Ramsey only seeks to ensure his family has enough food to get through a few days, or even the entire week if he can steal or buy enough.



Expert Dagger User: Ramsey's skills with the knife he carries rarely have to be examplified unless he were to be caught by someone, turning what should be a simple pickpocket theft into a mugging or an all out street brawl.  Even when he's cornered, the knife is usually used for self-defense, as he dislikes having to cut someone to live. His strokes with the bladed tool are clean and quick, showing the countless hours of practice he undergoes, simply to keep his own life intact.

Master Pickpocket: Ramsey has been known to randomly steal gold quickly and without raising suspision upon himself. Sleight of hand and sneaky-ness are the two things he knows best and both are exemplified as he whisks away a Gil or two from someone's pockets. Because this is how he got into taking things, naturally, he's refined the task into his own art form. Any loose Gil in one's pocket becomes fair game.