The Underworld Army is an Army of Evil led by Skeletor to terrorize the land that once Eternia and it's current inhabatants and to also aid the Raven Legions (Since Skeletor and his 4 generals are members). It is led by Skeletor's henchmen Skullosus (A Skeleton Goul), Zombie Minoboar (A Giant Undead Muscular Pigman), Skeletor Guard (A Ninja Dullahan who wears glossy black armor and a glossy black cap with a red cape) and Kray Blue Ghost (A Blue Ghost who wears a cloak with a pirate's hat with one red eye.)


Name Rank Team Status
Skeletor Supreme Leader None Undead
Skullosus General #1 The Generals Undead
Zombie Minotaur General #2 The Generals Undead
Skeletor Guard General #3 The Generals Undead
Kray Blue Ghost General #4 The Generals Undead