Totipotent is Omnipotent's cells who appeared in ff zero and The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War. He appears in all seasons and series of the movies and games.


Totipotent is a mystery.


Totipotent never talks, instead, he growls and roars with a combined sound of a demon, a whisp and a monster. Totipotent is infinity times more vicious, demonic, scary, terrifying, bloodier, ghostly, omnipotent, genderless, wild, older, omnicidal and dangerous than all that are in and out of THE OMNIVERSE (you can call it T-H-E O-M-N-I-V-E-R-S-E) and THE NONEXISTENCE itself and not itself.



Battle difficulty level:∞

Battle duration:24 hours

Strength:Totipotent has beyond unlimited above omnipotence

Immune to:All


Weak against:none

Element:beyond all

Gender:not a male, female, genderless, agendered, non gendered, combined, separated or beyond, even if he is any of that.



  • Totipotent is just like Josh's multi-weapon, but he doesn't have wings or horns.

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